Prayers and Praise

Additional schools to our weekend food ministry,ministries of Truth's Place and now the Jonesboro area with it's own Truth's Place. Praying for a pantry location in Jonesboro. Praise!
Praise for additional ministry opportunities in Jonesboro and for those the Lord have put in our path to serve.

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The Waiting Room

As Max Lucado says, “I’m in the waiting room.” Not the exam room or the emergency room but the…

That Dog Did It Again!

It was spring break so Truth and I were going to visit our friends from 5th Street Ministry in…

What God Did Thursday at Truth’s Place

Thursday turned out to be one of those days I really needed. Saying that it had been a tough…

I Dare You

Jerusalem is being destroyed. Completely. Men, women, children even the animals. Sounds like a harsh moment for God’s people.…